Description of this project

With my interest in tech and coding while working in a controlling department in my day job. I started to think about where I’ll be heading in the near future. I noticed that data science would be an interesting next field to explore since I like coding and tech an have experience handling analytics through my day job as a controller.

There are different possible ways to approach this. One could study this topic officially, get a certificate for a data science course (which in Germany is still of great importance – Note: I live in Germany) or figure it out by myself with a more practical approach by learning and applying this knowledge in projects for myself. I decided to do the latter. I see it like Tim Ferris’s approach of creating his own real-world MBA. I create my own data-science MBA-Programm.

I not only decided to do this but to document my findings and learnings online via this website. It’ll not only help other (I hope so) but work as an accountability booster for myself to keep going.

That’s it for now. You can follow my steps by checking my now-page and further blog posts and I hope I get to understand this topic as fast as possible.